Pheromone Development for Insect Pest Management

A five year (2010-2016) pan-Atlantic ACOA-AIF project which joins together regional forestry and agricultural leaders (academic and commercial) to develop innovative pheromone pest management tools as a viable alternative to chemically based pesticides and insecticides - Providing real alternatives for controlling insect pests in agriculture and forestry within Atlantic Canada, Canada and beyond.  Find out more.

Latest news:

CBC Article with comments from Kirk Hillier

CBC: Jon Sweeney wins award for work on brown spruce longhorn beetle

CBC article Pheromones offer green alternative to pesticide sprays - 

Sex chemicals confuse male insects into looking for love in all the wrong places

Published online on June 8th, 2015: Interview and comments by Dr. Kirk Hillier in the second half of the article. 


Held on May 20, 2015 - the 4th Annual AIF Project meeting:

Held at the KC irving Centre Auditorium at Acadia University, Dr. Kirk Hiller, along with 30+ industry partners and stakeholders from the forestry and agricultural sectors met for the 4th annual meeting.  This forum updated interested parties (industry and government) of the progress and development achieved during the 4th year of this integrated pest management project, and served as an opportunity to network and to establish new connections.  

Newly available for sale through Sylvar Technologies Inc.:

EZ Fuscomol Lure, EZ Fuscomol Acetate Lure, Hemloch Looper Lure, Spruce Budworm Lure, the EAB Complete package (with the Sylvar Green EAB Prism Trap), cis-3-Hexen-1-ol Lure and the Sylavr Green (EAB Greem Prism Trap).

Also available for sale through Sylvar Technologies Inc:

Blueberry Spanworm,  Pine False Webworm, Eastern Blackheaded Budworm and Saddled Prominent lure.

Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle (BSLB) lure

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and the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) lure.

This lure offers great efficacy and has an improved detection threshold alerting the user to a potential infestation much earlier. To learn more about or to order the lure see the links below.

About the Lure  

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CBC's Ontario Morning Interview with Dr. Kirk Hillier about insect pheromones and his work:

Listen to the podcast here (1st interview for about 8:30 minutes).